Sunday, January 25, 2015 10:32PM
By Stephanie
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Hey ya'll!!

One of my goals this new year is to start one-on-one mentoring sessions here in Roswell.

I have spent many hours and many dollars to travel to
professional photography conferences to learn my craft and thought
that maybe some of the things that have helped me in my learning process
should be available to those in Roswell, NM and the surrounding areas.

If you have looked at my stuff or have followed me for awhile you will see that
I have a distinctive style that took a lot of education, with trail and error, to establish.
Style is the key here to what makes you...YOU!

I have helped those around me with simple suggestions;
however, those simple suggestions then lead to another
question and another question that all should be easily answered.

So I am looking to start a mentoring sessions in which I will share with you tips and tricks
on how to pose models, work with light on location,
and more importantly, what to do with YOUR CAMERA in every instance.

It will also be a ton of fun because why do this unless it is fun.
I'm not guaranteeing that you will become super successful overnight; however,
I will give you key information and training that with dedication
and hard work will lead you to your own definition of success and style. 

A typical booked mentoring session will look like:

1. Meet and talk one-on-one about your camera and what the settings do with different types of lenses

2. Meet with the model and work with him/her on location in different lighting situations

3. Show you how to pose a model that is flattering to the camera

4. Show you how to judge lighting in each instance

5. Show you how I "process" my shots and give you a list of software that I utilize for my finished product

6. Free Ice Cream!!!

7. Look at the before and after for the selected photos so you can begin building your portfolio

If this seems like something that is a fit for you,
please shoot me an email at for more info.
(And if you mention something about Valentines Day coming up,
there might be a sweet discount for you, sweet human!)

Have a Happy Evening ya'll!!

Friday, January 23, 2015 9:06AM
By Stephanie
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haley was absolutely adorable on her shoot.
she was so bubbly and cute rocking every one of the shots.
and let me tell you, she can rock those stripes!!

i give you, the BEAUTIFUL haley!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015 8:29PM
By Stephanie
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If you missed Day 1 in NYC or Day 2 & 3 in NYC, make sure to check that out!

Day 4 started off a little hectic trying to figure out where we wanted to go.
And come to find out, the two places we wanted to do were on opposite ends of the island.

So here is the final day in New York City!

We headed first to the World Trade Center Memorial.

And decided to take a taxi because,
1. it was at the tip of the island, & 2. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO COLD!!!!

It's amazing the progress that this city has made in 13 years.
The last time I was at the World Trade Center was in 2007 and it was nothing but debris.
They were still cleaning up the mess from the buildings and going through everything.

The memorial was absolutely beautiful.
Only one of the pools was running, but we still went to both.

This was the only tree to survive the attack.

A close up of the sign across the street from the memorial.
All i kept thinking about was where I was the day it happened.
Eighth grade english class.
The principle came on the intercom and told the teachers to turn off the TVs.
We were to continue with lessons and at lunch if we wanted to watch the news,
the library would have the TVs on.

After seeing the 9/11 memorial, we needed something to lift our spirits.

We then headed uptown to go to our next destination.

Even at 10:00 am, the food trucks were lined up ready to serve.

We finally caught a taxi and headed up the highway.

Finally made it!!

Dallas found his twin, and I found mine! :D

After we finished at the toy store, it was about 4:00 pm.
Our final destination was to be the Natural History Mueseum.
But of course, it closed at 5:45 so there was abdoslutely
no way we were going to make it to enjoy going through it.

So we decided to walk around the market and Central Park.

It amazes me how rude people can be,
and how others have the hearts of gold.
This lady was trying to catch a cab for a guy with a baby
and some jerk stepped right in front of her and took the next avaliable cab.
She finally found him one and left him take it.

After I flagged a cab down, we headed back to Times Square to go to dinner.

Dallas found a credit voucher on Travel Zoo where he paid $75 for dinner for two.
We ended up at a place called Tinder.
When the lady was walking us to the dining area, i kinda felt like I was going to be
involved in a drug deal with the all the hallways we went down.
But it ended up being a really nice little place.
(Dallas actutally told me this week that we ended up at the wrong place)
We were supposed to go to a place called NOIS, but somehow ended up at Tinder.
Lucky for us, they took the coupon becasue if they hadn't,
the bill would've been $253.00!!!

We headed back to the hotel at a decent time because,
the next day we had to be up at 4:30 am to catch our 7:00 am flight.

Overall, we had an AMAZING time in the Big Apple!
Stay tuned for the next big adventure!!