Tuesday, September 02, 2014 9:01AM
By Stephanie
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so anyone that has liked my facebook page has seen this girl.

it seems to be the photo everyone is referring to when i meet with potential clients.

mckaylee KILLED it at her shoot.

we talked about music and her dreams of being on broadway.

we talked about the bonnie and clyde broadway show. WAY to short lived.

we talked about her solo in les miserables when she went to europe.

she even sang a little bit on her session.

this girl is amazingly talented and i was so lucky to photograph her!

i give you... mckaylee!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:41PM
By Stephanie
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for as long as i can remember i've been saying {maybe one day}.

maybe one day... i'll buy a plane ticket and just go.

maybe one day... i'll drive across country

maybe one day i'll... {fill in the blank}

that term has always been one i go to when i'm talking about dreams and aspirations.
i guess you could say a "cop out".

i know i'm not where i wanted to be 4 years after graduation. but who is really?

i wanted to be a big wig photographer. travelling the country,
photographing famous people and seeing my name in magazines...

maybe one day, right?

i recently came across a saying that everyone should appreciate. myself included.

"wherever you are. be all there"

so simple. just be all there. in the present.

sure {maybe one day} everything will come together. but I know, {right now}, this is what I have and where i want to be.

Sunday, August 24, 2014 1:53PM
By Stephanie
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so many times we walk into a gallery and think, "seriously. that is art. my 5 year old can do that."

but what when you think about it. that piece could mean so much more then you're giving credit.

i'm a huge fan of walking art muesums. it's a hobby. looking at the different styles and titles. personally my favorite is impressionism. I LOVE DEGAS. think what you want. pure genius.

anyways. i just posted a blog about how one of my prints sold at the RFAL juried show. i didn't have much time to walk around, but in the few minutes i did, one painting caught my eye. i couldn't get it out of my mind the next few days so i had to go back and buy it. i don't know what about it made me love it so much but i knew it was meant to be mine.

"rainy fun" by pat hittle

maybe it's the simplicity. maybe it's the color. i just know that i love it.

but back to the reason for this post. why buy art. simple. we need it in our lives.

think about it. when you look around, artwork is everywhere. you can't go into a room without seeing a photo or print of something.

what would this world be without color. without imagination. without stories to tell.

i'm not saying go out and purchase the next piece you see for $5000 but stop and think about why it was created and what the artist was thinking when they created it.

the emotion and stories behind it. the time and practice that went into learning their craft.

don't just pass by a piece and say, "my 5 year old could do that". stop. think. and enjoy it.

"reflections" by dallas pollei