Friday, May 22, 2015 11:50AM
By Stephanie
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I don’t know what it is about the beginning of the year up until about June/July, but my blog starts to gather dust. Maybe it’s because it’s slow season or i’m just lazy.. probably the second reason. haha

Anyways. Just an update on what’s been going on with the life of Stephanie.

1. I finished my Disney challenge. I have been trying to get a couple extra photos edited to post the second half of the month blog so that will blog will be coming up soon.

2. May has been just as busy as April if not more. I find myself laying down in bed and not lasting more then 5 minutes before i’m dead to the world. I’ve had at least 2 shoots a week and doing some personal work with my Fujifilm & Lensbaby on the side. Check those out below!

3. I’ve also been doing a bunch of landscape photos recently. When a storm rolls in, I don’t want to just sit on my couch and let it go by. I’m grabbing my camera and heading out to capture the beauty of nature. Sometimes pushing my boundaries a little too much and getting to close to the lightening coming out of the sky, but it’s all for that one shot, right? Rob and I even headed out to Bottomless Lakes at like 9:30 pm to shoot the stars and almost got eaten by something in a bush!! Ok maybe that was a little dramatic, but there was something breathing that made Rob jump about 5 ft in the air as we ran back to the car. Not gonna lie, it was funny and stupid at the same time. :D

4. As you all know from my Facebook, my grandpa was taken to the hospital almost 2 weeks ago now. I have received many emails and texts with encouragement and sending love and prayers to him. So many thanks to everyone. For those of you wondering what has been going on, here is the low down. My grandpa has been having trouble swallowing anything so two weeks ago he was so weak that he couldn’t do anything. My grandma had him admitted into the hospital and come to find out, he had pneumonia. So the hospital started him on antibiotics and kept him over night to regulate everything and keep an eye on him. Well a couple nights later, they checked everything and found out he had a mini heart attack due to the fact he wasn’t producing blood because of his malnutrition. So they started him on a couple bags of blood to get that regulated again as well. He was still having trouble swallowing a couple days after that so a decision had to be made on what to do. Either let him out of the hospital to wither away from not being able to get food or go into surgery to get a feeding tube put it. With all that being said, he went into surgery to get the feeding tube and is now currently home getting better. Dementia has really set in and half the time he doesn’t know what’s going on and just wants my grandma by his side. He knows that she’s there and will always be there to hold his hand and reassure him that everything will be ok. Once again, many thanks to those who have been keeping him and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 10:26PM
By Stephanie
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So 15 days ago, I started my photo-a-day challenge,
and if you follow me on Facebook,
hopefully you've seen the images posted.
If not... well poo on you! ;)
Thats ok because with the month halfway over,
i've rounded the images plus some bloopers/BTS photos!

Extra photos:

Behind the Scenes / Bloopers!!

Stay tuned for the next 15 days!! :D

Wednesday, April 01, 2015 10:47PM
By Stephanie
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I decided with April being kind of a slow month, i would do another 30 day challenge.
I did one back in May of 2013, but didn't finish it. :(
I was aout 10 days short. So this time, I WILL FINISH THE CHALLENGE! :D

I posted out on Facebook to all you lovely people about what the challenge should be.
And it's like ya'll know me or something. haha

So fairy tales / Disney will be what all the images are based around.
Here is the first image of April!

Follow me on Instagram to see all of them!

Monday, February 23, 2015 8:52PM
By Stephanie
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last friday was one for the books to say the least!

david cook,
winner of american idol season 7,
came to The Liberty in Roswell
to perform a show for us awesome peeps!

it was sooo good!! even got to meet the guy after!

check out the images below!

Secret Circus opened for him. :)


Sunday, February 22, 2015 6:31PM
By Stephanie
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oh me geeeee guys!!!
I had my first mentoring session this week and it was a success.
Austyn was amazing! She had so many questions!
Seeing someone with that much passion inspires me so much!
We chatted about school and what she was going to do after graduation and without a beat,
Austyn answered dental hygienist!!
Girl knows what she wants!!
We chatted about soccer and music.
How we got into photography.
How excited we all were about Magic Mike coming out.
You know, normal things! :D

Big thanks to Rachel for modeling in the cold for us
and being patient with camera difficulties.
You rocked it!

These photos just make me laugh!
Rachel wanted to be a robot apparently. :p

I made Austyn jump into front of my camera for a few shots. :D


"Working with Stephanie was so easy and fun. She answered all the questions I had,
and I learned more than I ever expected to go home with.
Working with her was awesome because I got to connect
with someone who is as passionate as I am about a hobby I love."

And a few shots from the ever talent, Austyn!


And as Dallas always says, "Suffer for your art!"
We be getting down and dirty gettin our shots!

Monday, February 16, 2015 8:24PM
By Stephanie
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one of my only boys this last year was tristan.
he totally rocked his suit!
and being in band made the shoot even better!
us band people gotta stick together! :D

I give you... tristan!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 4:14PM
By Stephanie
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in light of recent events, i feel like writing about how encouragement is necessary.

for the artists that are just starting out, I was in your shoes once too.

I didn't have any connections with people.
I didn't know where to go for equipment.
I didn't know where to find people who would pose for me.

It wasn't like i woke up one day and had everything there waiting for me at my door.
I had to work for what I wanted.

Looking back at the first shoot I did with my Nikon D90, I cringe.

But with practice, research, and hours & hours of reading articles about photography,
I can now say all of the blood, sweat, and tears has gone into what I now call my business.

So why am I writing about this?
I want to encourage all of you artists to work for what you want.

Go out and ask your friends to model for you. They make the best models.

Create stories and themes to make your art interesting.

Creating pieces takes time.
It takes you going out and connecting with other artists.
It takes patience to create a brand for yourself.

Go out and ASK if you can use a certain location.
ASK to borrow equipment from other artists.
ASK if a makeup artist will volunteer their time.

At times, it will be discouraging, but find that group of people that will help you better yourself and your art.
There are hundred's of photography groups out there.

All in all, remember that you're creating for yourself.
You are the one that is behind the camera.
You make the art for YOU!
So go out and CREATE!! :D

Thursday, February 05, 2015 9:11AM
By Stephanie
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i've always wanted to throw flour at someone and this shoot
my brother just happened to be around.

little did we know... he would have a reaction to the flour,
but he pushed on and we ended up covering my studio in white powder.

i still want to do a full body fine art series of dancers in powder,
but right now this is a behind the scenes of my flour shoot with Ryan. 


Sunday, January 25, 2015 10:32PM
By Stephanie
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Hey ya'll!!

One of my goals this new year is to start one-on-one mentoring sessions here in Roswell.

I have spent many hours and many dollars to travel to
professional photography conferences to learn my craft and thought
that maybe some of the things that have helped me in my learning process
should be available to those in Roswell, NM and the surrounding areas.

If you have looked at my stuff or have followed me for awhile you will see that
I have a distinctive style that took a lot of education, with trail and error, to establish.
Style is the key here to what makes you...YOU!

I have helped those around me with simple suggestions;
however, those simple suggestions then lead to another
question and another question that all should be easily answered.

So I am looking to start a mentoring sessions in which I will share with you tips and tricks
on how to pose models, work with light on location,
and more importantly, what to do with YOUR CAMERA in every instance.

It will also be a ton of fun because why do this unless it is fun.
I'm not guaranteeing that you will become super successful overnight; however,
I will give you key information and training that with dedication
and hard work will lead you to your own definition of success and style. 

A typical booked mentoring session will look like:

1. Meet and talk one-on-one about your camera and what the settings do with different types of lenses

2. Meet with the model and work with him/her on location in different lighting situations

3. Show you how to pose a model that is flattering to the camera

4. Show you how to judge lighting in each instance

5. Show you how I "process" my shots and give you a list of software that I utilize for my finished product

6. Free Ice Cream!!!

7. Look at the before and after for the selected photos so you can begin building your portfolio

If this seems like something that is a fit for you,
please shoot me an email at for more info.

Have a Happy Evening ya'll!!